Video - NFS World-Nissan Silvia (498=C) Lions Challenge in 2:10.70

Videa Nissan Silvia NFS World-Nissan Silvia (498=C) Lions Challenge in 2:10.70

NFS World-Nissan Silvia (498=C) Lions Challenge in 2:10.70

Silvia is still great car, no matter if there's skill mods or car classes. This run was very close to perfect so it may seem a little bit better than it is compared to others, since as you notice it has lower top speed than many other C-class car. Here are performance test results with same parts. Top speed: 274 Acceleration: 202 HSA: 30 Handling:194 If you are not fimiliarwith performance tests, follow this link for more details This video is part of my project to find out best IGC cars in classes C, B and A by doing clean laps on specific tracks. Lions Challenge is other of 2 tracks I will be using and it represents normal highway race as other track will be more balanced. Because I'm testing performance of car, I'm not using nos before highway section because that would give too much advantage to cosmic nos cars and it would take whole point of this track as testing normal acceleration and top speed. Leaderboard Porsche 959 (743) 1:57.80 Lotus Elise (699) 2:01.91 Ford GT40 (588) 2:04.49 Ford Escort (599) 2:05.99 Subaru Imbreza HB (586) 2:07.99 Chervolet ZL1 (588) 2:08.37 Mazda RX-7 (558) 2:09.89 Mazda MX-5 (498) 2:10.09 Chervolet Chevelle (498) 2:10.29 Nissan Skyline R34 (553) 2:10.54 Nissan Silvia (498) 2:10.70 Nissan 350Z (497) 2:12.22 Toyota Corolla (494) 2:12.58 Renault Clio (497) 2:12.78 Toyota Supra (498) 2:13.17 El Camino (Stock 495) 2:14.01 Nissan 370Z (497) 2:16.89



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