Video - New Futuristic Concept Car Unveiled

Videa Nissan Pivo New Futuristic Concept Car Unveiled

New Futuristic Concept Car Unveiled

If you have a taste for hot cars this story will really interest you. STORY: Nissan has just unveiled it's newest futuristic concept car... the battery-powered "Pivo 2." It can turn its a cabin a full 360 degrees. It can turn its wheels 90 degrees, allowing the car to maneuver sideways and making it very easy to parallel park easily without looking back. The Pivo 2 is also equipped with a computer that talks to the driver in English or Japanese. It can do anything from giving road information to cheering up the driver. It even has a facial expression sensor to tell if your day could be better. The price tag hasn't been set, but if you happen to be passing through Tokyo, you can see the Pivo at Nissan's Ginza Gallery.




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