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Videa Nissan Infiniti New 2013 Infiniti JX Interior

New 2013 Infiniti JX Interior

Infiniti doesn't exactly want for SUVs or crossovers, with the QX56, FX35/FX50, and EX35 all on its current roster. What the luxury brand does need, however, is a family friendly SUV or crossover, something to battle the Audi Q7 and Acura MDX, among others. The QX is too huge and thirsty—not to mention too expensive—to fill the role; the twitchy, sporty FX lacks cargo space and a third row; and the five-seat EX is simply too small. Enter the JX. The vehicle is for now technically a concept, but this is pretty much what you'll see in production form at November's LA auto show. It's a three-row, seven-passenger family hauler, with space efficiency, convenience, and fuel economy as its priorities. Infiniti promises the JX will pack a "powerful V-6," the displacement of which in liters is unconfirmed but probably rhymes with "pee-joint-jive." Output should fall in the neighborhood of 290 hp, and since the JX will make use of Nissan's D platform (Maxima, Murano), front-wheel drive will be standard. All-wheel drive will be an option. The transmission is a "sport-tuned" continuously variable unit, which, if not for the existence of an affordable, Toyota-based Aston Martin, would be the ultimate automotive oxymoron. But Nissan—Infiniti's parent company—is one of very few automakers who have proven that it can do a CVT well, and the JX's unit will incorporate a Sport mode that, when active, will cause the transmission to simulate a regular automatic. No specific number was given ...

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