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Neighborhood Electric Vehicles - Peapod

With gas prices continuing to fluctuate, many auto companies are looking to go electric with their future line of cars. Chrysler surprised the industry last week when they unveiled a fleet of three electric cars, one of which will go on sale in 2010... but less hyped was their announcement about the new Peapod “neighborhood electric vehicle” from their Global Electric Motors division. Designed and engineered by Chrysler's ENVI division, which is dedicated to producing electric cars away from the normal corporate climate, the Peapod is a sleek and futuristic electric vehicle that produces absolutely zero emissions. The Peadpod is designed to be driven in traffic congested urban areas, gated communities, and other private and public areas with low posted speed limits, and they're street legal in most states on roads with a posted speed limit of under 35 miles per hour. The Peapod has a maximum speed of 25 mph, and the car can drive 30 miles on a full charge... so if you pick one up, don't expect to replace your old car for everything. But the Peapod can take a lot of the burden off your old gas engined car, because it will be great for local trips within your neighborhood, to places like the grocery store, a nearby movie theater, or trips to school. And if you don't think driving an emission free Peapod on short trips only will have much environmental impact... you'd be surprised. Chrysler's Global Electric Motors Division, or GEM, has sold over 38000 electric ...

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