Video - NEARMISS - Tassie Drift Series Round 2

Videa Nissan Round Box NEARMISS - Tassie Drift Series Round 2

NEARMISS - Tassie Drift Series Round 2

Just a rough cut of some of the footage from round 2 of the Tassie drift series a couple of months back, it was a pretty woeful day weather wise, we also had some bad luck with Rory tagging a wall and me blowing a gearbox on my first run (replaced it with a borrowed box in the pits to get back out there) aside from that it was another great event. Bring on round 3! Cheers to Cam for shooting all the trackside video, did an ideal job only having used the 60D twice now! Music - Stephen Swartz - Bullet Train (feat. Joni Fatora)

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