Video - my NFS shift custom vinyls part 2

Videa Nissan 180SX my NFS shift custom vinyls part 2

my NFS shift custom vinyls part 2

well, this is my second video... i still have pending more vids.. anyways,these are my nfs shift custom liveries again...i handmade by the only available liveries.. i mostly designed on paper first ^^ used..took me a while these rides...(esp kumakubo's lancer: 1 month and 2 weeks) well here are my car that is on this vid: custom Designated drift / Drift association 240sx / 180sx Custom ApexiGlide (ala kumakubo's) lancer Evo X custom outlaw's reventon(my own livery design... xD)

Lamborghini, NFS Shift, cars, custom, designs, liveries, vinyls, originallity, nissan, 180sx, 240sx, lancer evo x, reventon, mitshubishi, team orange



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