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My ET On The Dyno

Just wanted to mske a video showing my ET on the Dyno. I had taken my ET Pulsar to Morpowa, and put it on the dyno. After this dyno run, i have found out that the turbo has a small crack in the housing, and the turbine itself has some play in its bushes. also there was a leaky turbo/exhaust gasket, AND the car leaned out int he higher revs. Also the Guys at Pulsar parts have found the source of the ET's tempromental behaviour, A wrongly wired ECU. The Air Flow Meter was wired into the wrong terminal. now afer some re-wiring, she runs sweet as pie. and all the gaskets have been replaced. so i reckon if the turbo is feelig up to it, she has a few more KW to dish out.

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