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Videa Nissan Pickup My Clutch Is Gone!

My Clutch Is Gone!

it's ok to Like this video. Even though it's sad and I was upset at first. But now I understand why a 12 month old clutch Died so fast. Feel free to click the Like button. It let's me know this video was worth putting up and not deleting here soon. I have to get a new one, and this time I am getting a good one, PLUS replacing the Slave Cylinder, which didn't get changed last time. I know you see my busted turn signal. That was because the truck came out of gear and my wife was in the truck and didn't know putting it in gear would stop it. And I am going to order a blinker from amazon. They are freaking cheap! I am even going to order new headlights. And eventually replace the headlights. In that video, it shows how easy it is to take off the ford grill. In the beginning, it sounds like I am on the gas and barely letting off the clutch, but that's not the case. When the engine revs up and your barely moving, your clutch is going out. This is my 2nd clutch (the other was a neon) that has gone out. (The 1st clutch in this truck, when I owned it and replaced it, was faulty. It still had tons of that grippy stuff. lol) When I was 14, my grandpa showed me how to drive a 5 speed. It was a Nissan pickup truck. It was a STEEP hill and nothing but gravel. I would either spin tires like crazy, or kill the truck. Then he would come to a complete stop, and SLOWLY take off without barely throwing a single rock. (if he even did) And that amazed me and pissed me off at the same time ...

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