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Videa Nissan Double Cab Mitsubishi Triton 4x2

Mitsubishi Triton 4x2

Mitsubishi continues to put new Tritons to the lineup after first wave since late November. And these are new 4x2 models. Its way of advertise is still emphasizing about load capabilities that surely won't compromise with any other in its class. Whatever newer from Mega Cab 2.5 GLX as seen in this ad are: fascia, rear bumper, new bed just like new PLUS/4x4. As added are: Mega Cab 2.5 GL Mega Cab 2.5 GLX Mega Cab 2.5 GLX ABS-Airbag Mega Cab 2.4 GLX (Petrol) Double Cab 2.5 GLX Double Cab 2.5 GLX ABS-Airbag Double Cab 2.5 GLX ABS-Airbag 4AT

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