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Long Island Nissan dealer Massapequa Nissan is ready to serve all of our customers with the best product, the best service and the best sales. Now located in our new 130000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility, your shopping environment will be just what you hoped for. We know other Long Island Nissan dealers are competing for your business, which means we work harder for you to ensure you're completely satisfied with your purchase, lease or trade-in.As a well-established New York Nissan dealership, we know what it takes to succeed and that's you. Nothing is more important to us than our NY Nissan customers and visitors to our dealership in Seaford, NY We treat every person who walks through our front doors with the high level of service that should be expected when making such a large purchase. We take our business and our customers serious because we know a happy customer is worth more than anything when it comes to building our business. We have a tremendous inventory of new Nissan vehicles that achieve excellent fuel economy and performance. If you're looking for 38 miles per gallon and higher from a vehicle, you'll find it in our Nissan lineup. Nissan is always reinventing its technology and designs, so even our used Nissan Long Island lineup offer some of the most modern features in vehicles. There's also a great program if you're interested in Nissan certified used cars which we always carry in our inventory. From our Long Island Nissan promotions to our Nissan ..., long island nissan, Nissan Motors, Nissan (river), Auto, Used, Automobile, local car commercials, tv commercials, Cars, Television Advertisement, Commercial, Spot, Advertising, Ads, Vispoltv



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