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Lexus Reveals LF-LC Hybrid Coupe Concept

Lexus Reveals LF-LC Hybrid Coupe Concept by ET on January 10, 2012 at 3:35 pm, filed under Lexus; Lexus reveals its sleek, hybrid-powered 2+2 LF-LC luxury sports coupe concept at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The LF-LC is a rear-wheel drive that features with a front-mounted powerful yet efficient hybrid drivetrain. Inside the driver and passenger are treated to the latest in innovative features, including a remote touch-screen device for command of all on-board vehicle functions and twin 12.3-inch multi-information display screens, lightweight race-inspired seats and a racing steering wheel. Similar touch-screen surfaces feature on each door and operate the windows, mirrors, seat adjustments and personal entertainment settings. From the exterior, the coupe's highly aero-efficient and boldly designed body provides a glimpse into the future of Lexus' unique "L finesse" design language, characterised by Lexus' bold new corporate face and spindle grille. Designed by Lexus' Californian-based design team, the LF-LC blends form and function -- its three-dimensional spindle grille seamlessly forms into lower air intakes that enhance visual muscle, air flow for cooling and aerodynamic performance. "Our entire studio worked to develop this beautiful interpretation of Lexus originality," said Kevin Hunter, president of Lexus Californian design studio. "The LF-LC concept embodies our vision of what a premium sport coupe could be."

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