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Jensen VM9424

A video review on the basic features of the jensen vm9424 double din deck. Note: This deck does not have bluetooth built in. Optional accessories are the bluetooth module/mic which i have installed (BTM15),the XM satellite receiver which I dont have yet and the ipod cable which i dont need. *Pros* -good features for the price compared to other similar featured gps double din decks -good radio with RDS -optional btm15 works good and sounds ok -good deck if you are not looking to spend so much for a double din gps and don't care about the name brand. *Cons* -display is hard to read in daylight depending on angle -no built in bluetooth (have to purchase optional btm15 bluetooth module) -no mic gain -gps software is a little buggy and will freeze sometimes (will also take you on different routes not the best compared to a garmin) -unit turns on by itself when the car is started ??? (wiring is ok....jensen support does not know why) -old 2010 maps even though the unit was bought in aug 2011 (horizon nav wont send 2011 updates without paying)



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