Video - Jake "DRIFTSQUID" Jones @ G1 ROUND 2 2010

Videa Nissan Round Box Jake "DRIFTSQUID" Jones @ G1 ROUND 2 2010

Jake "DRIFTSQUID" Jones @ G1 ROUND 2 2010

Jake DRIFTSQUID jones at Malala raceway fr the G1 Extreme Drift comp 2010. Jake just got the car going again and was using this comp for some testing. The new PPG gearbox was also installed and Jake was getting the hang of that also. The car was setup very different and seem to be having alot of steering issue. Jake Qualified 8th and finished 5th overall. The car is now having the front end re designed and should be complete once the new suspension arrives. To find out more visit Enjoy -Squid

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