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Videa Nissan Datsun iPad Mini Predictions, Nissan Revives the Datsun

iPad Mini Predictions, Nissan Revives the Datsun

On today's Brief we make our iPad Mini predictions, welcome back the Datsun and wonder what's making thousands of German schoolkids sick... First up, now that the iPhone 5 has revolutionized the way you plug in your phone, it's time to start looking ahead towards other devices that will use the lightning connector. Of course, we're talking about the iPad mini. Widespread rumors are suggesting that the pared down tablet will feature a 7.85 inch display running the same resolution as the iPad 2, 4G LTE capabilities and a price point of $199. Finally, an Apple product I can almost afford! Insiders are also speculating that the newest iPad will be announced at an event on Oct. 17 with sales expecting to start in November. Are you guys down for a mini iPad? Let your fingers do the talking. Next up, after 31 of keeping it off its roster, Nissan's aiming to bring back the Datsun. And getting one will cost you...wait for it...$3000. I know. First an affordable Apple product and now this! Nissan's hoping that the new super bare-boned model Datsun will help it get a nice big piece of those emerging markets known as India and China. We have to admit, we're not crazy about the idea of introducing a fleet low-cost cars into countries plagued with pollution, and since no car manufacturers have yet found a way to make a profit in these emerging markets, maybe Nissan should be working on I don't know, a public transit infrastructure or affordable electric motorcycles. If ...



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