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Videa Nissan Axxess Installer Institute Training Video Series Promo

Installer Institute Training Video Series Promo

The Installer Institute was first opened in 1992 making it not only one of the most established and well-known schools in the mobile electronics industry, but also the premier facility for students to begin their careers as professional installers. At the institute we have enlightened thousands of installers in our beginning and advanced hands-on courses. In order to address the many and varied specialty areas of our industry, Installer Institute not only provides five and ten week Mobile Installation Courses, but also hosts many different advanced workshops such as the Advanced Sound Quality Workshop taught by Mark Eldridge of Mobile Soundstage Solutions, Fishcamp taught by Fishman, and the A to Z Fabrication class taught by Zee Siddiqi from Galpin Autosports. Installer Institute is a strong supporter of the Mobile Electronics Schools Association (MESA) helping with its inception in early 2008. We offer the MESA Installation Knowledge exam at the end of the Introduction to Formal Installations class and offer student the next levels of MESA Exams as they progress though the courses. For more information about MESA log onto the web-site Graduates of the Installer Institute will find employers recognize and appreciate certified and well educated applicants and employees, and can often advance in their careers thanks to the training received while enrolled in our course. The Installer Institute is constantly updating our curriculum. As a part of Metra ...

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