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Improve the Value of your Used Car - Lauren Fix

Lauren Fix on the Daily Buzz shows you a few free tips to improve the value of your used car and keep the value higher than you expect. 5 Tips to improve your use cars value By Lauren Fix, The Car Coach® If you only plan to keep your car a few years, then it's in your best interest to keep its resale value as high as possible -- after all, that's more money to put down on your next new car. These five tips will put your car well ahead of the pack and help to maximize its resale value. 1.] Inspect your fluids and change your oil. Checking the oil is an easy step any potential buyer can take. If they do a quick inspection of the dipstick and the oil comes back low or discolored, they'll instantly drop their asking price. Topping off the fluids and changing your oil cost very little, but it says a lot about how you've cared for your car. Follow the maintenance schedule - You'll find the maintenance schedule in the back of the owner's manual Test the fluids and save money- buy a fluid test folder at local parts stores This answers the questions: "What is the condition of my vehicle's fluids and do they need to be serviced?" 2.] How to make your car look better for less Keep it clean. The better your car appears to be kept up, the more it will be worth, and most people associate cleanliness with care. Washing and waxing your car on a regular basis is a much easier way to keep it looking good than paying for an expensive detail job when the time comes to sell. I'll show you a ...

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