Video - i-MiEV CARGO in Tokyo Motor Show 2009

Videa Nissan S-Cargo i-MiEV CARGO in Tokyo Motor Show 2009

i-MiEV CARGO in Tokyo Motor Show 2009

July, 2009 when mass production of car starts and it passed. New generation electric vehicle i-MiEV that ran only by 100% electricity, and did not exhaust CO2 while running began to run in the town. The door was finally opened for the next 100 years of the car. In Tokyo Motor Show this time when it is held in this year that should be commemorated, Mitsubishi Motors wants to present the society and the ideal way of the earth and a new car that lives together with i-MiEV centering on two concept cars that make the next electric vehicle an embodiment as the person. It runs in the earth. It lives with the earth. Mitsubishi Motors begins to run to the next 100 years without forgetting the desire of Drive@earth".

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