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Heaths Datsun 280ZX Resto

The first picture is of the Datsun at the owners garage. It sat in there for 10 years. After i bought it from there, for $1200 (I wish i had lowered the price...learned from my mistake) i took it home and parked it in the grass as you can see. My names Heath and this is my 1982 Datsun 280ZX 2+2 I purchased as my first car at the age of 16 during the month of August, 2009. I am currently 17 and throughout the winter of 2009 i had parked the car in the garage to get a workin on the rust issue. Enjoy the video of my amature rust repair. Take note i am fully aware that it is not the best work, nor may it be the absolute correct way to fix rust. It is a temporary job done to suit my needs and wishes. Look at how i used trash bags and painters tape to block over-spray because it was in my arsenal of available tools. In my opinion i had done a very well job for doing such a task for the first time. I show you that with just extremely basic skills and beginner of knowledge that you can do such a task just as i have done. I am a beginner in all ways mechanic and body repair. But, with the help of such a great online forum,, the work was easier than i had thought and my learning curve increased ten fold. I took the engine apart myself, and have learned so much thanks to my eagerness to learn and the extremely knowledgeable and helpful Z enthusiasts at HybridZ. Later on in the video you will see that i end up taking the engine apart as well. After 6 months of working ...

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