Video - HD - Drift Practice #1 - Nissan 200sx S13 SR20DET

Videa Nissan 180SX HD - Drift Practice #1 - Nissan 200sx S13 SR20DET

HD - Drift Practice #1 - Nissan 200sx S13 SR20DET

HD Version on my previous video on which the quality was much lowered by youtube. This is my first decent drift practice session with the S13, finally been able do not care about trees, gutters and sirens. It was really cold, about -10 degrees Celsius which made the already slippery surface a bit of a nightmare so not all spins are voluntary if you know what I mean. I desperately need the max steering angle kit for situations like this one. It's already on it's way. Location : Dancu, Iasi, Romania Tool : Nissan 200sx (180sx in japan 240sx in the states) S13 chasis with a stock SR20DET Red Top engine with only minor performance upgrades (intake/exhaust/FMIC) running stock boost of 0.5 bar. Diff is welded and I'm using solid engine and tranny mounts made of Delrin. The rest of the upgrades will go on it shortly as the first event in this years championship is in less than a month. Wish me luck. Musical background provided by one of my favorite DJs. I'd like to thank the hosts for helping me out with a place where I could practice safely./Multe multumiri gazdelor de la Excess Tuning care m-au ajutat cu un loc unde sa pot face practica in liniste si siguranta. Cheers, Octav

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