Video - (Half-subbed) Heidi Teinenpi Shoujo Haiji 3 Nissan AD

Videa Nissan Wingroad (Half-subbed) Heidi Teinenpi Shoujo Haiji 3 Nissan AD

(Half-subbed) Heidi Teinenpi Shoujo Haiji 3 Nissan AD

Ok everyone , lets make a little review , Heidi keep asking everyone what does fuel-efficiency (teinenpi) means , first one was Alm montain edition , then Peter the Goat Herder edition , now here we go with her grandfather . By the way here she start asking about CVT , CVT means " Continuously variable transmission " Nissan is trying to show to everyone that cars with CVT are cars wich have low fuel consumption or better saying fuel-effience (teinepi) ** IF you are slow then here is the TL;DR version ** This is a mini web series commissioned by Nissan to help promote their new economical car made by Studio Croccodile. BTW at 0:40 i was thinking that Grandpa will say DV instead of just CV , for those who doesnt know the what does DV means is Domestic Violence , comedians even at japan make jokes misunderstanding what does DV means. at 0:45 , Its me or sometimes mens we think that girls only thinks in Prada Bags , Cellphones , friends , clothes and cute shit?

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