Video - GTA : Vice City Nissan Skyline gone crazy

Videa Nissan Skyline GTA : Vice City Nissan Skyline gone crazy

GTA : Vice City Nissan Skyline gone crazy

EDIT: Too many people asking how to mod the game. Firstly, you need the PC version of the game, and you need the disc, a downloaded version will not work. You can do this on the Xbox version too, but I am not sure how that works. Anyway I haven't done this in a while so everything I say is from the top of my head. You need to get Mod Manager, install it. Download all the mods you want for the game, this can be found by a simple search on google "Vice city mods". You need to import it on the mod manger (or you need to save it in its directory, i can't remmeber) and when it appears on mod manager just install it onto the game. When you want to take off the mod, just delete it with mod manager. There simple :) ------------------ I used the Nissan Skyline modelled after the one from 2 Fast to 2 Furious, but it is too fast and too furious. Watch the last part, I compare the Nissan to the Viper GTS. I might redo this with the music being synced to the video and might make it more interesting =)

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