Video - GTA SA Tunable Cars-Nissan Silvia

Videa Nissan Silvia GTA SA Tunable Cars-Nissan Silvia

GTA SA Tunable Cars-Nissan Silvia

I've found a mod that can make any car go into any garage, so I'm making most of my tunables compatable with Transfender because there is one in every city. The car is from GTA-Worldmods. It replaces the Elegy, or any other car you want but it's complicated to change. GGMM was used to get the car installed and add all of the Ide, Handeling, Colors, and Mods lines into place. IMG tool helped with the tuning parts. I like Tunable cars, if you have any, share yours. I've been working hard on my mods, and NEW VIDEOS ARE COMING REALLY SOON...

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