Video - GT5 Drift Nissan S15 & Skyline R34 Pace Car

Videa Nissan Silvia GT5 Drift Nissan S15 & Skyline R34 Pace Car

GT5 Drift Nissan S15 & Skyline R34 Pace Car

Setup for the car can be found here : Thanks to my buddy HzardHD for the intro! We will do some more projects together in the near future! His channel : Check him out! This was just to test out some render, capture settings, uploading etc. I thougt GT5 would be a good choice because of the amount of smoke it has and the solid 60FPS. The blockiness / bluriness around the car on the second clip is nothing I can do about I'm afraid, that is an issue with GT5 itself. Yes, the R34 is 4WD, but I thougt it would nice to see it bling bling in the night with some drifting :D So don't call me a noob! I always drift RWD otherwise and the torque setup for the R34 was 10/90. The Digimon world 1 let's play will be postponed a bit until I am healthy and have time on my hands again :) If you have any questions / suggestions or names of your hot cousins (chick only) w/e just leave them in the comments :D PSN : Qorn80 - Feel free to add me if you want.

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