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Georgia Nissan Frontier 2003

Nissan Frontier Pickup Truck 2003 Black, 4 Doors, Long Bed, 6 Cylinder Excellent Condition, 1 owner, female driven 73000 miles. 2 wheel Drive. This is an IMMACULATE 2003 Model, THIS IS NEARLY LIKE BUYING A NEW VEHICLE DUE TO HOW THIS ONE HAS BEEN CARED FOR. Window Sticker and Owners manual available too! If you want the experience of owning a truck thats just like a brand new truck, that has not been used as a truck but used like a car, that has zero wear and tear, thats been taken care of like a high end Mercedes or BMW then this is the truck for you. 2004 was the last year of the true Compact Nissan Pickups in the US Market, now they are more full size and not as economical to drive. This is 2003. You will not find a better car on the interior or exterior. New Toyo Tires in December, less then 4000 miles on the new tires! Even the under carriage of this truck is CLEAN. The day we purchased it new we put seat covers and Husky Floor mats, they come with the truck if you want them. The seats are pristine under the seat cover, repeat (PRISTINE) not any damage or dirt or anything. My wife is a non-smoker and has kept this car in perfect condition........this is a no pets or kids exposed car. 6 cylinder engine: always had regular 3k oil changes. Actually, I used Lucas Oil Stabilizer if you have any idea what that is, 100% Petroleum based lubrication additive. We truly intended this to be a 300000-400000 mile ownership. Also we never used the lower octane fuel either, always ...

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