Video - GE at The SAE 2012 World Congress

Videa Nissan Trade GE at The SAE 2012 World Congress

GE at The SAE 2012 World Congress

Imagine reversing the flow from your electric car's batteries to power your home in a blackout. The technology to do just that was on display this week at GE's joint showcase with Nissan at the SAE 2012 World Congress in Detroit. In his speech to open the conference, GE CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt affirmed the company's commitment to EVs and the smart grid technologies that support them and backed up his words by touring the booth and climbing in a Nissan Leaf. The technology to support a home that is fully integrated into the smart grid -- from the ecomagination-certified WattStation home EV charger, to the Nucleus Home Energy Manager to fully connected appliances -- isn't just in a trade show booth. It's ready and working today.

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