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Videa Nissan Datsun Forza 4 Tuning Garage: Mine's S30Z

Forza 4 Tuning Garage: Mine's S30Z

Hello, Today, I'm taking a Mine's 240z (created by myself) for a spin @ Circuit de la Sarthe in Forza 4. All aids off. Inspired by the Mine's tuning company. Like the car? Be sure to check out my storefront and purchase the tune/design. Search my gamertag: xXGREATxMUTAXx Specs: Drivetrain: RWD Weight: 983kg/2168lbs. Distribution: 52% front Displacement 3.0L Horsepower: --- Torque: --- ^ Not satisfied with that? Get the car and see the specs for yourself! Playlist: Just One Second (Apex Remix) - London Electricity Sails of Charon - Scorpions Man with A Plan - Chris Goulstone *Disclaimer: I do not own any clips or music. All clips and music belong to their respectful owners. I do not earn any money making this video. This video is for enjoyment purposes only. M'kay? Thanks

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