Video - Essential: Infiniti Essence @ 2009 Geneva Auto Show

Videa Nissan Infiniti Essential: Infiniti Essence @ 2009 Geneva Auto Show

Essential: Infiniti Essence @ 2009 Geneva Auto Show

MORE GENEVA MOTOR SHOW @ INSIDELINE.COM: Infiniti Essence @ Pebble Beach: More Articles: Car Prices & Info Twitter Feed Facebook Page Hi-Res Videos: side-line Yes, Geneva is a Swiss show, traditionally well attended by the Italian design houses and German tuners. But at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show, a Japanese designer is the talk of the Palexpo — thanks in no small part to his new Infiniti Essence. Nissan's upscale brand would have us believe this sensational coupe concept is "the essence of Infiniti." In fact, it is the essence of Shiro Nakamura, Nissan's senior vice president of design, not to mention a glimpse into the future design direction of Infiniti. Nakamura's team has crafted a sleek two-seater with a panoramic glass roof that is all but devoid of ornamentation. Japanese cultural cues abound inside and out. The designers drew inspiration from, among other things, Japanese calligraphy, traditional lacquerware, even the kanzashi, a hairpin used by women when wearing a kimono. The aim, according to Nakamura, was "to merge all existing Infiniti design cues with fresh design language." The sinuous, sculpted shape is wrapped around a traditional front-engine/rear-drive sports car layout. But the Essence is hardly traditional in its powertrain, safety technology and even its post-modern minimalist cabin. Nakamura's team created a stunning asymmetrical cockpit with ...

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