Video - Early Start Outside JJ Richards

Videa Nissan Trade Early Start Outside JJ Richards

Early Start Outside JJ Richards

Last July I was out early on a chilly Monday morning, starting off at one of two JJ Richards Sydney yards, situated in Glendenning. Around the 4:00am mark the trucks start to roll out of the driveway and by 4:30am most of the trucks are well on the way to their respective areas of operation. This depot houses a handful of front loaders, plenty of rear loaders for trade waste, a number of hook-lifts, some liquid waste tankers and a variety of side loaders for the Blue Mountains, Holroyd, Hawkesbury, previous Burwood contract and there are a couple for trade waste too. The other yard at Chipping Norton also houses front loaders, a group of newer rear loaders, the Liverpool fleet and current Canterbury trucks. One truck in here which really caught my attention was the really old International rear loader, probably a spare. I hope you enjoy watching the trucks roll out, the first clip turned out well with the 5 leaving one after the other. There were a few which left when I arrived, but I never saw one of the Hawkesbury side loaders. At least I know how to find some of these JJ Richards machines for some videos, just gotta follow them from the starting point =] There will be a few more videos like this, the best ones come from the council depots where most the trucks leave together - just wait until you see the Bankstown convoy!

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