Video - Dyno in Session: Nissan Zaurus Jr - SR20DET Powered

Videa Nissan Prototyp Dyno in Session: Nissan Zaurus Jr - SR20DET Powered

Dyno in Session: Nissan Zaurus Jr - SR20DET Powered - Back in 1987 Nissan unveiled the Nissan Saurus prototype, a road car, which never made it into production. However Nissan Motorsport division, Nismo, quietly worked away on their version of the Nissan Saurus... The later and more powerful version, a racecar came with an SR18DE, 1.8L 4cyl making 110kW at the flywheel, about 80-90kW at the wheels. Which, in a 510kg race car is a quick little package. However as it turns out, the engineers at Nismo thought ahead... The car has a Subaru FWD gearbox, mounted in the rear with an adapter plate with mounting holes for both FWD and RWD Nissan SR engines. The only SR Series motor designed for RWD is the SR20DE and SR20DET, so when the owner dropped an S15 Silvia SR20DET (2.0L Turbo) engine in, everything bolted up in a flash and the car purred in gratitude. With a PWR Water to Air Intercooler, Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 ECU, Haltech Racepak Dash, Turbosmart Supersonic Blow Off Valve, Open Exhaust and Slicks... it's now a serious Super Sprint contender. 185kW at the wheels, it's not exactly massive as SR20 Turbos go. However put into perspective, the power to weight ratio is 2x better than the 2012 facelift Nissan GT-R... the one with 390 flywheel kW. So when I say that the car has finished on the podium each time it's been out... no surprises? Yes, the customer is talking about adding more power... I'm told more than double the power is definitely more than double the fun... Add a bigger turbo, some more boost ...

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