Video - Driving the Nissan Micra (March,

Videa Nissan Micra Driving the Nissan Micra (March,

Driving the Nissan Micra (March,

I'm driving the Nissan Micra/March K13 at the Top Gear Test Track on Forza Motorsport 4. This is the fourth-generation Nissan March/Micra hatchback. This model was built in Thailand, India, China, and Mexico. It is equipped with the new HR12DE engine that produces 79HP of power and 108Nm of torque. Music: MIKE ALWAY'S DIARY by KAHIMI KARIE (1995 Nissan March 1/1000 second series Japanese Commercial Song) From the album: the best of trattoria years plus more NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED

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