Video - DriftCity - Cras Overpass (R) by KonceptZer0[ID]

Videa Nissan Koncept DriftCity - Cras Overpass (R) by KonceptZer0[ID]

DriftCity - Cras Overpass (R) by KonceptZer0[ID]

A pretty good run. Used my Cielo V5 which I don't have good parts for, I'm actually currently working on them. Intro music clip is from: The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die Race music clip is from: Ronald Jenkees - Fifteen Fifty (he's a very talented artist i recommend you check him out.) Interested in the game? Register and download at add me or my friend ingame if you need any help (KonceptZer0) or (Carneteint aka. Tyagus) Coment, Rate and Subscribe for more.

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