Video - Datsun/Nissan 280ZX 1983

Videa Nissan 280 Datsun/Nissan 280ZX 1983

Datsun/Nissan 280ZX 1983

1983 DATSUN 280ZX, GL Coupe. Low 39K+ miles & Excellent running. 2-Seater, 5-Speed Manual, Non-Turbo, Analog Gauges, T-Tops with Locks, A/C, Original AM -- FM radio. Working Power Antenna, Windows, Mirrors & Locks. Car has been garaged & covered. It has never been in an accident. Includes Car Cover, Original Datsun/Nissan Service/Shop & Owner's manuals. Original owner. $12900 or best offer. Call (626) 419-1520 and ask for Dave. Additional information is available at the following link:

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