Video - Datsun 510 wagon 2 hour $100.00 Rustoleum paint job (non roller)

Videa Nissan Datsun Datsun 510 wagon 2 hour $100.00 Rustoleum paint job (non roller)

Datsun 510 wagon 2 hour $100.00 Rustoleum paint job (non roller)

This was a Datsun 510 wagon that I purchased from a man who had left it in the woods behind his shop since the early eighties. I got it running after replacing the fuel lines, rebuilding the carb, cleaning out the gas tank, replacing the spark plugs, changing the oil, and replacing all replaceable parts in the brake system. I wanted to give this car a basic paint job, but not spend a lot of money (I have another Datsun 510 wagon that I bought from Arizona that is receiving a proper full restoration). I decided to spray it with rustoleum. We bought 2 pints (Safety Yellow and Safety Red) and mixed them together to make an orange. The paint was sprayed through a cheap gun like the type you would spray a fence with because my body man did not want to use his real gun on it. I spent about an hour of prep sanding with a single grit of paper and cleaning / masking. I sprayed bare rust rustoulem primer. The final product came out nice for the budget, and the car will survive longer until someone gives it a proper restoration because the zinc content in rustoleum slows the corrosion process significantly.

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