Video - D21 king cab navara 350 chev v8

Videa Nissan King Cab D21 king cab navara 350 chev v8

D21 king cab navara 350 chev v8

1990 Nissan Navara king cab *350chev* Engine: 350chev small block 5.7L V8, demon 4 barrel carb, weiland intake manifold, extractors to 2inch piping to 2 mufflers to 2 3inch tips, Gearbox: TH700R auto trans out of a late model commodore Diff: standard navara lsd Wheels: 18 inch ADR shadow chrome rims wrapped in 245/40/R18 kingstars Engine. freshly built 350 chev. 50 chev block 2 bolt mains, fully blue printed block and heads, standard steel conrods, arp rod bolts, grant pistons, elebrook performer plus cam, clevitte bearings, felpro gaskets, hi vol oil pump, complete set of new valves, springs and valve seats. blue printing : crank grind .1thou, bored and honed .2thou estimated horsepower 400hp going for dyno next week. sorry about the video... my cellphone sucks ;(

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