Video - Custom Imports TV - N1 Spec [S01E02]

Videa Nissan Stagea Custom Imports TV - N1 Spec [S01E02]

Custom Imports TV - N1 Spec [S01E02]

Filmed by enthusiasts FOR the enthusiasts! Custom Imports TV's second episode kicks off with a feature on Kristian's R34 GTR N1 and we take a look at a Nissan Stagea cruise aswell as Drift School Dont forget to check us out on Facebook at: and become a fan on Kahli Skoljarev's fan page, bee324racing, R32, custom, imports, cube, prelude, honda, n1, civic, nsx, crx, Skyline, Nissan, Tom, Painter, Kahli, Skoljarev, Vu, Phan, R33, R34, R45, GTR, GTST, GTT, GTS, S13, S14, S15, EVO, Hills, Cruise, VIII, Cruises, RX7, RX8, Silvia



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