Video - Crazy Insane Nissan Frontier S/C "For Sale"

Videa Nissan Frontier Crazy Insane Nissan Frontier S/C "For Sale"

Crazy Insane Nissan Frontier S/C "For Sale"

This is my re-post of my 2004 Nissan Frontier S/C 4x4. If any one wants I will do a road/Off-road review. The truck performance wise is pretty much OEM. Have 4 100watt roof lights, 100watt fog lights, 55watt head lights, LED blue dome lights, LED white reading lights, Xovision 7in 2din touch screen head unit, 2 kicker 8 in subs in sealed box, "rhino lined" fender flares, OEM size Dayna Pro ATM Hankook tires, PS2, Siren/PA system "with ice cream van music lol" reverse cam, cat back cherry bomb "glass pack". I think thats all. This was all shot with a HTC inspire. ps I only put crazy insane in the title so i can get the views and see if anyone want me to do a review. im trying to get into car reviews as a career.

000 OBO



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