Video - Crash Test 1997 - 04 Nissan Pathfinder IIHS

Videa Nissan Pathfinder Crash Test 1997 - 04 Nissan Pathfinder IIHS

Crash Test 1997 - 04 Nissan Pathfinder IIHS

Nissan Pathfinder 1997-2004 models mfg. after Oct. 1996 results also apply to: 1997-2003 Infiniti QX4 (mfg. after Oct. 1996)FRONTAL OFFSET TEST OVERALL EVALUATION: Marginal Structure/safety cage Injury measures Restraints/dummy kinematics Head/neck Chest Leg/foot, left Leg/foot, right Poor Acceptable Good Good Good Acceptable Important: Frontal crash test ratings can be compared only among vehicles of similar weight. Test details: The Nissan Pathfinder was redesigned for the 1996 model year, and the Infiniti QX4 was introduced in 1997. All 1997 and later Pathfinder and QX4 models manufactured after October 1996 include structural changes to improve occupant protection in frontal crashes (note: information about when a specific vehicle was manufactured is on the certification label typically affixed to the car on or near the driver door). The QX4 was discontinued after 2003, but the Pathfinder was continued through the 2004 model year before it was redesigned again. The Institute has evaluated the crashworthiness of a 1997 Pathfinder with the structural changes in a 40 mph frontal offset crash test into a deformable barrier. Restraints/dummy kinematics — Dummy movement was reasonably well controlled. There was too much upward and rearward movement of the steering wheel. During rebound, the dummy's head hit the B-pillar. Injury measures — Measures taken from the neck, chest, and legs indicate low risk of injuries to these body regions in a crash of this severity. Forces on ...

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