Video - Completed built 4g63 700hp

Videa Nissan 280 Completed built 4g63 700hp

Completed built 4g63 700hp

Built 4g63 manley I beam turbo tuff rod. cp pistons, jdm cyclone intake manifold,ported head, bc 284 280 cams, gsc beehive springs and retainers,s90 70mm throttle body, kiggly HLA, kiggly 6 bolt crank trigger, kiggly 6 bolt main girdle, bc stainless steele valves 1mm oversized, comp 6765 Ct4 triple ball bearing billet series turbocharger jay racing alternator relocation, ATI super damper ported cylinder head fastened down with A1 H-11 tool steele head studs and power enterprise gommet style head gasket!! .



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