Video - Come enjoy the ride in my bone stock L28E S30 1976 280Z

Videa Nissan Datsun Come enjoy the ride in my bone stock L28E S30 1976 280Z

Come enjoy the ride in my bone stock L28E S30 1976 280Z

My Z car; all numbers match; factory original sans suspension/headers/exhaust/wheels/air dam. It's surprising what a difference the little things can make, like freeing up the intake and exhaust airflow, full-time vacuum advance, using the right spark plugs, and high-speed on-car balancing. Hibernated in the garage since 2000; got her running again last year. Ten years in the garage required dropping and reconditioning the fuel tank, blowing out the fuel lines, replacing the fuel filter, a few heater (water bypass) hoses, battery, tires, brake master cylinder, brake slave cylinders, new oil, oil filter, new antifreeze/coolant, and a brake/clutch hydraulic bleeding to get it in the shape of this video. Endless project is always a work (play!) in progress. Next items on the list at the time of this writing probably include removing the spare tire and front bumper to save weight and improve weight distribution, form fit new carpet in the hatch, reupholster the driver's seat, remove the A/C compressor belt (from the engine, if not the entire system from the car, which seems like a reasonable idea in winter-time right?), something else I forgot, whatever else comes up, and etc etc etc. Will consider either a turbo or a stroker on the same block in the future but this is good for now. This is a stock 280Z. This video isn't to demonstrate how fast this car is, everyone should know that. All shifts in this video made well under 5000RPM at less than full throttle. This car easily ...



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