Video - Chrome Nissan Navara - Drive-by's + Pictures

Videa Nissan Pickup Chrome Nissan Navara - Drive-by's + Pictures

Chrome Nissan Navara - Drive-by's + Pictures

Here's something a little different, yesterday I saw this Chrome Nissan Navara pickup truck. I was just at co-op with 2 mates and then I saw this Chrome Nissan driving down the road, so I started filming as it drove past us. About 2 minutes later we saw it coming back down the road, as we were filming he flashed his lights at us as he drove past. Then we saw it turning into a restaurant carpark where he parked up. Then someone came out and he was showing them around it and they had the radio on quite loud, which sounded awesome. We didn't do any walkarounds of it at the restaurant but waited around for it to move again. It then started moving and exited the carpark towards the main road as it cruised by us. We then went back to the co-op bit and it was parked up in the co-op carpark, where not long later we saw it driving once more. I then filmed it as it left the co-op car park. It then turned left onto the main road and that's all we saw of it. The owner seemed like a friendly guy and seemed alright with us filming which is always a good thing. It was the first time I've seen this truck in ages and I actually kinda like it. That's about all for now though, stay tuned for more car Video's.



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