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Charlene on Green Kurt Speas Tony Nissan LEAF

ANNOUNCER From the KHON2 News Studio, Charlene on Green presents Inside APEC Live with: 1. Warren Daniel, CEO of Ohana Beach Resorts and Distinctive Homes Hawaii. 2. Michael Kramer, Managing Partner and Director of Social Research at Natural Investments LLC. 3. Tamara Armstrong, KYA Sustainability Studio 4. Kurt Speas, Nissan Leaf Specialist Tony Group AutoPlex And now today's host, Charlene on Green. CHARLENE Thank you for watching this special edition of the Charlene on Green show. It is really fun driving the Nissan Leaf. I'm still getting used to the backup assistant cameras. I still turn my head and look behind me to reverse. Once in a while I do glance at the monitor to see how close if I'm gonna hit. So let's talk about the Leaf. CHARLENE KURT: Hideaki Watanabe, Corporate Vice President, Nissan Motor during APEC this week addressed performance updates on Nissan LEAF in key markets. Tell us about the Leaf's entry to the Hawaii market. KURT SPEAS Back in 2010 Nissan selected Hawaii as its primary role out market. CHARLENE KURT: Customers not only want to be green, they want to drive clean and save green too. Having a car these days boils down to bare economics. Isn't just a handful of people driving the Leaf now? KURT SPEAS The leaf is a key part of the exploding clean energy industry, it is the icon for green energy. The fact that 80 percent of my Leaf customers have solar energy shows the mass appeal of the electric car. CHARLENE At the moment the Leaf is built in ...

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