Video - Changing Rear Brakes, 4th gen Maxima

Videa Nissan Maxima Changing Rear Brakes, 4th gen Maxima

Changing Rear Brakes, 4th gen Maxima

How to change out the rear pads and rotors on a 4th gen Maxima. Do as I say, not as I do. Yep, now I've got to get some money together and find me a torque member at the local pullapart, assuming they aren't all seized to hell like mine. Video is obviously lacking a lot of random information (as well as poorly edited). When I'm able to get the 'new' torque member, I'll probably make a better vid. Other things that need to be discussed are the proper way to rotate the pistons back in, lining them up with the tab on the pads, etc. Yes, I know the rotor isn't spinning true; backside is all rusty, and the lugnuts were just finger tight. As always, donations are welcome should you feel the need, :wall: Rear piston tool -



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