Video - Car Bash (Nissan Pulsar destroyed with sledgehammers)

Videa Nissan Pulsar Car Bash (Nissan Pulsar destroyed with sledgehammers)

Car Bash (Nissan Pulsar destroyed with sledgehammers)

This is what I did to my Nissan Pulsar after it died for the 2nd time... the engine seized at 130k miles, so I swapped in a junkyard motor. 3 weeks later, the tranny blew! This car got what it deserved. Footage from this video will be featured in a TV show called "Video Zonkers" in early 2008. Footage from this video was also used in a UK show called "TNT" in June of 2009. **UPDATE** 3/12/2008 The show that will air footage from this video is now called "Whacked Out Videos" instead of Video Zonkers. The show comes on every Wednesday night at 8pm on MyNetworkTV for those of you who asked. I have never heard of MyNetworkTV, we certainly don't get that channel in my area(central Florida), but if any of you out there get that channel, could someone record the show and send it to me? It would be much appreciated.

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