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Videa Nissan Vanette butterfingers - kabus ribut

butterfingers - kabus ribut

SONY handycam DCR-SX40E converted to 320 x 180 for You Tube Nissan Vanette 1.5 Somewhere between Besut to Setiu, Terengganu, MALAYSIA East Cost. We just going back to Kuala Lumpur. I recorded for fun. DATE TAKEN 20/1/2010, 2:55:24 PM. What i like about this video, it's quite RAW and REAL DISTANCE. Off course it's not perfect... and thats the way i like it. Oohh yeah, this song is directly from this NIssan Van Cd Player. Very independent. U want indie this is 'pure' indie rock!

Besut, to, setiuterengganu, MALAYSIA, Nissan, Vanette, Sony, Handycam, DCR-SX40E



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