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Brian's 3D Paper Models

I've been doing 3D paper model cars since I was a kid, even way before I had a computer. People always trip out when they see my creations and tell me how talented I am, yet I still can't even get a job flipping burgers, or anything in this economy. I just figured I'd show off my creations and maybe someone might finally offer me a job. Never hurts to be hopeful. PS Although I'm not the first to do make 3D paper cars (there are actually websites where you can download some for free, then print out and make), but I've been doing these since before I even heard of the internet. I used to actually just draw it out on a sheet of regular (non-glossy) paper, then usually had to make a few adjustments and fixes along the way. My technique has been evolving over the years, and the recent printing on thicker glossy photo paper is another milestone. ******************************************** Share your ideas and participate in brainstorming with me for upcoming episodes of "Brian's Insights"! There is also plenty of EXCLUSIVE and behind-the-scenes stuff! - (NEW!) ******************************************** PayPal Donation Link



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