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Bremerton Honda Pilot 2012 Vs Seattle Nissan Pathfinder

The redesign of the Bremerton Honda Pilot dealer was launched in 2009. The2012 Honda Pilot Bremerton is built on a unibody platform. This platform is shared with the Ridgeline truck and Odyssey van. Being a unibody you won't be able to tow much. You will also only find a V6 3.5 liter in the Pilot. You will find the 2012 Honda Pilot Bremerton in 4X2 and 4X4, along with 4 different trim levels. The Honda Pilot is a proficient crossover. However, being built on a car platform it will limit your off-road capability. You will also loose substantial amount of towing capability in the Pilot compared to the Nissan Pathfinder Seattle. The Nissan Pathfinder is an genuine SUV with off road capability. It's strong SUV platform with low range transfer case provides you some serious off road capability. Some Key advantages of the Nissan Pathfinder Seattle 2012 over the Honda Pilot Bremerton 2012 are: More towing capacity longer wheelbase body on frame construction low range transfer case Timing chain vs timing belt optional V8 more ground clearance bigger more powerful V6 engine For more information about why the Seattle Nissan Pathfinder 2012 is a better choice over the 2012 Bremerton Honda Pilot please give us a call at Advantage Nissan in Bremerton WA 98312. 360-373-6300 or visit our 24/7 virtual showroom at

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