Video - 92 Nissan 240sx Fastback Snow

Videa Nissan 240SX 92 Nissan 240sx Fastback Snow

92 Nissan 240sx Fastback Snow

I made this clip to hear my car and watch me drive it. and not have to really beat on the tires hence the snow. Its Much Funner On Asphalt and i wouldn't spin all the way around then either! But i guess this is what you do in Wisconsin when your bored. i sure couldn't do it in my Altima! If you care to know: Its a 92 240sx Fastback SE. 5 Speed swap, I believe its a K27 Turbo Running 7psi on Stock KA Dual Cam Motor. Custom turbo manifold, Turbonetics Detagate II wastegate, Go fast Bits 1003 Hybrid Blow of Valve, custom Intercooler and piping, Walbro 255LPH Fuel pump, 2.5 inch exhaust with cat. This poor car has since been stripped and crushed. Working on a 89 Pignose with the Dual cam KA swapped and boosting it In spring 2013 stay tuned.



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