Video - 87 Nissan Pathfinder 231K SeaFoam job 3.0L V6 VG30i

Videa Nissan Pathfinder 87 Nissan Pathfinder 231K SeaFoam job 3.0L V6 VG30i

87 Nissan Pathfinder 231K SeaFoam job 3.0L V6 VG30i

1987 Nissan Pathfinder 231K SeaFoam 3.0L V6 VG30i 2.25 in cat back exhaust w/glasspack. Sea foam job. I know i'm a heavy footed SOB :) 1/3 in the gas tank, 1/3 in the oil, 1/3 into the brake booster vacuum line. You will have to have a buddy work the throttle to keep it from killing as you add it to the brake booster because undoing that hose causes a severe vacuum leak. Once the 1/3 is taken into the intake shut it down. Wait 7-10 minutes. This allows the carbon and seafoam to crystallize. After the 7-10 minutes fire it up. Then drive it like you stole it to blow that crap out until the smoke stops. At this point I would recommend a oil change as the seafoam added to the oil cleaned up allot of crap which will still be sitting in your oil and oil filter. More smoke=more carbon and gunk being cleaned out. Rinse and repeat every oil change until you no longer get much smoke. Your engine will run smoother, idle smoother, have quicker throttle response, last longer, gain hp and mileage as well. All from this one product. Its amazing stuff and have seen it work miracles personally.

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