Video - 87\88 Nissan Laurel 2.4E Cold start and drive (Winter)

Videa Nissan Laurel 87\88 Nissan Laurel 2.4E Cold start and drive (Winter)

87\88 Nissan Laurel 2.4E Cold start and drive (Winter)

Old video from late 2008: New car, new problems... well, this one is in very good condition, uses no oil and runs good. I had a little trouble with the Fuel pressure regulator since I got it. It ran WAY to rich, was hard to start and did not idle. Sometimes it flooded and wouldn't start at all. I fixed that temporarily with a ball valve, and were able to adjust it manually while I was looking for a new regulator. Now, I somewhat fixed that with an universal regulator from ebay, still does not work as good as I hoped. And needs a little adjusting, or modification. I still have this car, and I plan on keeping it. Probably upload a couple videos later... I probably need a little help replacing the oil in the transmission (draining the Torque Converter too) since I dont know how old the oil is, when it downshifts from 3rd it often stick a second in Neutral before hitting 2nd gear. The volvo is my moms car, I had to move it since it was in my way, (vid coming soon)

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