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Videa Nissan Pickup 7MGE mk2 supra

7MGE mk2 supra

my recent 7MGE engine rebuild installed in my 1984 toyota celica supra. 1987 toyota supra engine. 3.0L DOHC inline 6, iron block. Rebuilt using: - stock pistons (cleaned) - king precision bearings - polished crank - NPR piston rings - shaved head and decked block for 10.3:1 compression. - Ishino-Johnson crank scraper - ported and polished head - port matched intake manifold, y-pipe and TB - 3 angle valve job - doug thorley headers - hand-made PTFE intake manifold insulator - 2.5" mandrel bent stainless brullen exhaust - K&N intake, removed silencer - Deleted TB and ISCV coolant lines, EGR removed. - JDM ecu - TRD catch can Using stock mk2 w58 and new clutch. 91 cressida oil pan and pump. cressida powersteering reservoir. 94 nissan pickup truck throttle cable. JDM ecu. dyno video here:

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